Mike Butt

"Panel Quote sharpened our whole image. We have received so many positive comments from assessors, clients and staff. It has made a big difference to our business and is so easy to use. Job sheets are great for profitability by making staff aware of times and work to be completed”

Mike Butt Collision

Steve McLachlan

“Panel Quote has improved the operation of our business. Being so easy to use, training staff has been a breeze. Live targets vs actual hours sold allows us to focus on productivity resulting in a better bottom line. Service & backup is great plus it is good to know the system is constantly evolving”

Burkes Metalworks

Warren Payne

“For years I looked for a good computer system that wasn’t going to break the bank and I didn’t have to adjust everything to suit some ‘computer geek’ way of thinking. These guys understand the collision repair industry and are very responsive to new ideas”

Paynes Panel Beating

Wayne Ashby

"The Panel Quote team has a clear understanding of the Collision Repair Industry and its needs. This is evident in their products ease of use and the continued improvements. Panel Quote was easy to integrate into our existing business systems and gives us a professional look”

Reliance Panel & Paint

Robert Martin

“Since changing to Panel Quote my whole operation feels much more streamlined and the simplicity of operating this system is a huge plus. Backed with a great support and service team, I would highly recommend this system to anyone. Well done Panelquote!”

Glenfield Panelbeaters & Painters

Bijay Hullia

"Panel Quote has improved my whole business system. It is quick and easy to use and saves a lot of time. Quotes, job sheets, and invoices look professional and it is much easier to deal with insurance companies”

Ryan Place Panel & Paint

Marc Flood

“Easy/straight forward to use and the support is fantastic; they are always available and know their product inside out. What I like about it is our office lady can go away and everything doesn’t fall apart. Great professional look and I love the instant overall picture”

Maher & Moseley Panelbeaters

Mark Carruth

“Thanks to Panel Quote I have been able to lower my admin cost by over 70% and can now spend more time concentrating on the manual work. Being a small 2 man shop it’s great to be able to run your business off one system. Thanks Panel Quote, keep up the good work”

Aztec Panel & Paint

Snow Buckton

“An absolutely brilliant system, that is quick, easy to understand and certainly makes life easier. It has made it easier for assessors and upped our image. Great support and follow up from the Panel Quote team. I wouldn't be without it, at the end of the day it is a time saver”

Hikurangi Panelbeaters

Landon Dawson

“Looking at our processes before Panel Quote we realised how labour-intensive quoting and data retrieval was. Talking to other shops that have converted, everyone is of the same opinion; Panel Quote is the most cost effective system on the market. Thanks for the great support and ongoing commitment to our industry”

Collision Centre Richmond

Ross Cochran

“We're blown away by the simplicity and time saving aspect of the programme. My wife no longer spends hours pouring over handwritten quotes and re-writing invoices, it's all done at the click of a button. Panel Quote has delivered exactly what was promised and all at an acceptable price”

Chartwell Panel & Paint

Lesley Davies

“Panel Quote is a very valuable part of the business. User friendly from start to finish, great group of guys, easy to deal with, professional and committed to helping us all. I can’t recommend this system enough. We certainly would not be without it now. The follow up is amazing”

Imperial Panelbeaters

Steve Gaskin

“I have found Panel Quote excellent for running my business. The job sheets give my staff a job number and time frame for the job to be completed. The estimates give our customers a professional document. I would recommend that any panel shop give Panel Quote a go”

Rolrich Panel & Spray

Alan Martin

“We have been using Panel Quote since June 2008 and have found the system very easy to use. It makes the quoting process more efficient & leaves us more time to run the business. We look forward to all the new updates that the guys have been diligently working on”

Quality Panel & Paint

Warren Burns

“Quick/efficient estimates. Easier to keep finger on the pulse, continual support and upgrading, always looking for improvement which is great and beneficial to us all. Most of all easy to operate. If you have a problem Darrell is only a phone call away and always helpful. The monthly analysis is extremely valuable”

Gordon Officer

Brendon Rosie

“Panel Quote has been a breath of fresh air. It is simple to use, very efficient and has made my business look and run professionally. Staff are kept informed via professional job sheets and it is easy for me to keep track of jobs”

Rosiez Collision Repairs

Ngatea Panelbeaters

“My Technicians have real time goals centred on profitable shop rates for every job. I now have instant info on how the business is going. Everything is measured, and with set targets I’ve found myself more focused and efficient. I'd highly recommend Panel Quote”

Ngatea Panelbeaters

Matt Kew

“I would recommend Panel Quote to any panel shop. Our image lifted with insurance companies and the general public. Staff give good feedback on job sheets, the hours breakdown is easy to understand. I’m now in control daily of the most important part, the finances”

Autotech Panelbeaters

Robert Richardson

“It has lifted our image with insurance companies and made the business more professional. Our invoices now go out daily. Panel Quote’s background reinforces that they know where we are coming from. I recommend this package to every shop owner”

Richardson & Ormsby